4/28/16 Hammond Lake Crappie Bite update. Also, Bass in Pre-spawn mode! | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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4/28/16 We fished Hammond again last night and found a decent, steady bite late in the day and into the night.  Customers and friends reported a great bite at daylight that slowed around mid morning.  Again, last night, we found flurries of activity with intermittent periods of nothing.  Some perch, bluegills, bullheads, and green sunfish, were also mixed in.   We watched boaters catch decent numbers of crappies as well, working the shorelines.  

10PM Crappie

Hammond Lake night time crappie

Some areas of the lake are dirty, but others are clearer.  With more rain coming, it is likely that the lake will color up some too.

Every crappie we caught was a good sized black crappie, ranging from about10-13 inches. Others did catch some white crappies too.  The fish are within days of spawning.  Males are full of milt, and some sprayed when we picked them up.  The females look like they swallowed a golf ball.  Plan to get out this week if you want to hit a great bite!  Screwy weather these next few days and a cold front might slow them down a little,  this weekend should be the start of "peak" season.  

Bass are starting to hit pretty well on all of the lakes.  Fish are in prespawn mode and many are cruising the shallows.  Some absolutely beautiful fish have been caught this week on Hammond, Cowanesque, Hills Creek, and Hamilton.  Many different presentations are working, but jigs, jerkbaits, creatures, and squarebill cranks were the predominant baits.  

Dustin Wheatley Hammond Lake 6lb bass

We will try to update at least 3 or 4 times a week.  Check back often!  If you want to hit the best bite, don't wait till you see the pictures and great reports.  Look at the weather forecast, plan a trip, and most importantly...Get out and FISH!  

Good luck out there!