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8/7/22 Dog days of summer bring tough conditions, but a steady morning bite


8/7/22 Dog days of summer bring tough conditions, but a steady morning bite


Some short rain showers moved through the region this week to help give us a slight bump in water flows.  However, the lakes and streams are still running very low with temperatures holding mostly in the upper 70's to 80's.   More normal temperatures are expected to return this week, including nights in the 50s.

Called 'The Dog Days of Summer', August has been a tough month for fishing so far.  Anglers are doing best in the morning and during the last hour of daylight into the night.  Bass fishing has been steady with anglers catching fish on Nessmuk, Hills Creek, Hammond, Tioga, and Cowanesque.  Fish are mostly coming tight to weeds and structure.  Mornings and evenings are yielding a decent topwater bite on calmer days.  Offshore, crankbaits, drop shots, carolina rigs, and jigs are all working.  Try dragging a spinnerbair or chatterbait around weedbeds too.  Overally, water clarity is good and natural green pumpkin, bluegill, and shad/shiner patterns have been best

Tioga spillway has been seeing good walley action in the evening.  Most reported smaller fish, but some up to 26" were caught on live baits and artificials.  Small swim baits and hard jerkbaits have been best.  Rapala Countdowns and Rapala RipStops in silver were both popular choices.   Smallies, rockbass, and pickerel are also mixed in.

Panfish are being caught in fair numbers on most of the lakes.  Meal worms and red worms have been best for bluegills and perch.  Live minnows are working for perch and crappies too.  We really like a small chartreuse, white, or purple grub or micro swimbait for the perch and crappies.  Crappie Magnets too are very effective.  Look for weed edges, timber, or holes in weed beds for the best action.  Evenings with a fly rod can be fun too.  Bluegills are readily taking flies, like ants and beetles, on Hamilton and Lyman Run.

Get out and do some fishing! Good luck on the water!





07 August 2022