5/17/16  Cold rain, snow, and continued cold temperatures have slowed fishing considerably around the county.  the crappie spawn is at a stand still right now and until water temperatures come back up, its unlikely fishing will improve.  After tomorrow, the forecast looks better, but right now, water temperatures have dropped 7-8 degrees, if not more, and really slowed things down.  Crappies are being caught in small numbers from boaters on Tioga and Hammond.  target off shore structure and you will find them.  Live minnows have been best.

Trout fishing has been decent, but still slower than expected.  Anglers are catching some on Hamilton and Beechwood using Chartruese, Rainbow, or Salmon Peach Powerbait, and live minnows.  The Pine Creek trout tournament started out great with good catches all through Saturdays.  Sunday's cold weather slowed things down and that bite continues to be slow.  Water temperatures dropped to 48-52 on Upper Pine Creek.  Fly fishing was tough for a few days with high winds moving through, but anglers were able to catch some fish nymphing and throwing small streamers.  Few hatches have been coming off.

On the plus side, if you are planning a trip fro Memorial day weekend, things should be in great shape by then, assuming this forecast holds true.  This weekend should also be decent, though Saturday's forecast is dismal at this time.  

There is one thing that is always true though.  You can't catch them sitting inside! Dress warm and get out to do a little fishing.  Good luck out there