5/23 Warm weather. Peak of Crappie spawn will be this week! Lakes and streams fishing well. Good hatches | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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5/23 Most found a decent bite this weekand and continued warm, if not HOT, weather, is going to bring the rest of the crappie in to spawn.  Many noted a great bite later in the day and into the  night, but others are doing well the rest of the day on the Corps lakes.  This will be a short-lived spawn for sure.  The fish are ready to drop eggs and likely won't hang around long.  Likely, this bite will last through memorial day, then those fish will head back off shore.

Bass fishing continues to be great on the lakes.  Rattle traps, jigs, jerkbaits, and various other plastics are working well.  The gizzard shad are spawning on Tioga and Hammond and some found bass chasing the schools.  A squarbill Crank worked well in this situation.  Many bass are being caught in 1 to 10 feet of water.  the spawn varies lake to lake and everywhere you will find a mix of pre-spawn, spawning, and post spawn bass.  Please remember to handle these fish with care and release them!  Bass season is not open until June 18th.

We've had a fair number of reports of muskies this week too in Cowanesque Lake and in the spillway too.  Most are being hooked by crappie and bass fishermen using crankbaits and jerkbaits.  Large shiners and suckers fished under a float, also worked. 

Walleye fishing in the tioga spillway and river has been great this week.  Anglers are catching mostly juevenile fish from 12-14 inches, but some really nice ones up to 24 inches were caught too.  Hybrid stripers, crappies, smallies, and perch, are also being caught in good numbers.  Live shiners or fatheads have been popular.  Paddletail swimbaits and various twister tail grubs are also working.  Natural colors have been best.

Hills Creek is starting to get very weedy.  Anglers who did well this week for panfish, caught most their fish by picking the pockets in the weeds using live minnows or nightcrawlers.  Trolling is getting hard with the weed cover.  On the plus side, topwater froggin will be getting really good here soon!

Anglers are catching trout out of both Hamilton and Beechwood.  the bite's varied day to day, but powerbait and live minnows seem to be the go-to options.  Bass are biting well too and various plastics and spinnerbaits all worked.  A number of bugs were on the water in the evening and many trout were on the surface.  Fly fishing or fishing a spinning rod with a float & fly has been effective.

Upper Pine Creek is at great levels and the sulphurs came off heavy in many areas these last few days.  Anglers are seeing tan caddis, gray caddis, yellow craneflies, midges, and a handful of March Browns still.  the drakes should come off next week on parts of Pine.  they have started in some of the central PA streams and we are usually a week or two behind them.

Remember, the Tackle Shack fly fishing open house is this Saturday from 10AM-3PM.  Stop in and see us!  It's going to be a lot of fun.  

A few from Hammond Lake this afternoon.  The bite is on!

hammond lake crappies