5/25/16 Sulphurs heavy on Pine Creek at Delayed Harvest and Ansonia. Sporadic March Brown hatch. Great day of fly fishing for lots of rising trout. | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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5/25/16 5/25 We fished Pine Creek at a few spots yesterday, above Ansonia and in the DHALO stretch.  LOTS of rising fish.  March Browns were sporadic in the afternoon, but the trout were taking them.  By evening, they were keyed in on sulphurs.  Pine  is at very good levels and there is a ton of fish in the creek.  Get out and enjoy it!  Size 12 March Brown Duns worked in the afternoon.  A sporadic sulphur hatch came off as well, but few fish were taking them until late in the day.  For th elast hour before dark, there was a mix of sulphur duns and spinners on the water.  Caught fish on a size 16 sulphur dun and size 16 spinner.  Caddis were in the air, but few fish were taking them.  We had a few fish interested in a caddis pattern, but no takers.

We have lots of fly patterns to mimic all the current hatches.  Be sure to stop in before you hit the water!  It should be a great week of fishing.

Pine Creek March Brown 5 25 16  Pine Creek Sulphur 5 25 16  Pine Creek Delayed Harvest Ansonia Brown Trout