6/3 Tioga County & Pine Creek Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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6/3 It's been a hectic week here at the shop with customers fishing all over the county.  Finally, some much needed rain came through the area yesterday and last night and more is expected today.  Looks like we will have a nice weekend though.

Upper Pine  Creek- The fly hatches have been absolutely phenomenal over the last week.  Green drakes, brown drakes, slate drakes, BWOs, sulphurs, and various caddis and stoneflies are all hatching right now.  Water levels dropped considerably, but cooler nights and some rain over the comign week should help keep Pine in good shape.  water temperatures on upper pine dropped back into the mid 60's.  If you don't fly fish, you might want to consider it.  you won't be disappointed!  However, spin fishermen are doing very well too.  waxworms, live minnows, and butterworms have been the favorite baits all week.   Use light line and small hooks.  these fish have been pressured and the water is crystal clear.  Small spinners, small stickbaits and kastmaster spoons are also working well.  Stick to natural baitfish colors.

Hammond & Tioga Lakes- Crappies still are not spawned out.  We are seeing a mix of pre and post spawn fish.  Many are holding in deeper water.  Find deeper structure and you will find fish.  Anglers did really well on Tioga this past week, catching fish on submerged timber in 15-30+ feet.  the shallow bite just isn't happening.  Likely, the sharp spike in temperature hindered the spawn.   Normalizing temperatures this week should bring in the remaining fish to lay eggs.  Some  are being caught from shore on Hammond.  Areas around the boat launches are fishing decent before dark and early in the morning.  during the day, boaters are doing much better

Hills Creek- The Froggin bite is ON!  If you like catching bass, now's the time to hit up Hills Creek with some topwater frog patterns.  A number of really nice 3-4 lb fish are being caught.  Please remember to handle these fish with care and release them!  Many of the bass are still spawning and the season does not open until June 18th.  Panfish are also being caught in decent numbers.  Target the pockets in the weeds and the weed lines and you will find nice perch, bluegills, and crappies.  Timber closer to the dam is fishing well for crappies too.  Most noted searching a while for the crappies, but a good bite once they did locate the schools.

Cowanesque- Lots of really nice bass are being caught on jigs and creature baits.  Many fish are in shallow and anglers are catching them flipping brush piles and shallow weeds in the west end. Others are doign well with shallow crankbaits and squarebills in bluegill and shad colors.  Some caughta few fish on buzzbaits, spooks, and jitterbugs too.  Some muskies are being caught as well.  Spinberbaits and crankbaits are working for them, and a few were caught by bass fishermen fishing jigs and plastics.

Hamilton- Good reports most of the week from Hamilton.  Some trout are still being caught on powerbait.  Warm surface temps have pushed the fish deep and floating powerbait off the bottom has worked well.  A few noted catching fish on a marshmallow with a mealworm too.  Crappies have been spotty, but anglers did find some after dark using live minnows and during the day, trolling with small stickbaits.  Bluegills are in shore spawning and anglers did well with a variety of live baits, flies, and poppers.

Beechwood- few reports from Beechwood, but those anglers noted a decent bite for bass and pickerel, and a handful of trout being caught.  Perch and crappies are being caught too on waxworms and live minnows.  A few noted targetting walleye with limited success.

Tioga Spillway- The spillway is fishing very well, but few big ones are being caught.  Lots of small walleyers in the 8-12 inch range are present and anglers are catching them on a variety of plastics and live minnows.  Jigs tipped with crawlers are also working.  Some nicer smallmouth and pickerel were also caught.  Catfish are just starting to turn on.  Only small ones were reported this week, but soon, we should start seeing some nice channels and big bullheads being caught.

Good luck fishing!