7/3/16 Bass, catfish, and muskies biting well! July 4th- PA Free Fishing Day | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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7/3/16 First off, let me start by apologizing for the lack of reports this week.  We have been working on some website maintenance and had one of our computers crash.  We should be back online with regular reports again now.  

Bass have been biting pretty well on the lakes.  Mornings continue to be slow, but by the evening fishing is turning on nicely.  Creature baits, senkos, squarebill crankbaits, and various jigs are working on all of the local lakes.  A few giant 6+ lb bass were caught by trollers with crawler harnesses and stickbaits too.  This is definitely not the norm though, as most fish are being caught in the weedbeds and around timber piles/fallen trees.  Working jigs and plastic through the weeds or running shallow crankbaits/squarebills over the weeds has been effective.  Tioga and Hammond have fished best.  

Hills Creek is very weedy, but anglers caught nice crappies, perch, sunfish, and a few walleyes out on the weed edges using crawlers and minnows.  Drifting or trolling very slow in the mornings and evenings has been best.  Others picked apart the weed beds for nice bass and a mixed bag of panfish.  

Catfish are finally being caught in good numbers this week.  Anglers did well on Hammond and Tioga these past few days, catching cats up to 22 lbs!  Most are much smaller but at least half a dozen 30+ inch fish were caught just these last few days.  Chicken livers, stink bait, cut bait, and nightcrawlers are all working.  Most are being caught in the late afternoon and into the night.  Lots of bullheads are in the mix too.  

Pine Creek continues to suffer from the lack of rain.  We are still hovering near all-time lows.  Trout are mostly in survival mode now, packing into feeder streams, deep pools, and areas of cooler water.  We strongly advise leaving them alone until water temps and levels improve.  If you do plan to fish for them, and are not keeping them, be sure to properly revive them before releasing.  Warm water and extra stress is a lethal combination for trout.  Hopefully things will improve soon.  Pine is loaded with trout still and once we get some water, fishing will be good again.  In the meantime, try targetting the smallmouth.  There's lots of smallies all through Pine and small streamers, crayfish patterns, spinners, and various live baits work well for them.  Small poppers in the evening are also working too.  

Good luck fishing!