7/8/16 Walleyes being caught. Cats biting well. Tioga County Fishing Report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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7/8/16  It's been a HOT, dry, miserable week here in Tioga County, but fortunately, fishing has also been pretty hot as well.  Mid-day, the bite's been slow, but mornings and evenings are fishing well on the lakes.

The Northeast Panfish League tournament on Hammond Lake is this weekend.  We will post results Sunday or Monday after we receive them.  Good luck to everyone competing!

Walleye fishing continues to be good on Hammond, Tioga, and Beechwood.  Crawler harnesses have landed most of the fish.  Anglers are catching them on various colors including silver, blue, purple, red/orange, and chartruese.  Most are fishing them off a bottom bouncer or 3 way rig using a .5-1.5 oz weight.  Early morning and late in the evening has been best.  Perch, carp, and a few stripers  are also being caught on the same rigs.  Trolling speeds vary from 1.2-2.1 mph.  Depths varied lake to lake, but anglers are looking for dropoffs and weed edges.  Walleye action in the spillway has been hit and miss.  Still, anglers are seeing mostly small ones.  Without any rain, the spillway is very low and the lack of inflowing water has made the bite toughen up.

A few hybrid stripers are being caught by trollers and anglers casting crankbaits and topwater on both Hammond and Tioga.  Fish up to 25 inches were caught.  No big numbers, but anglers have found a few early in the morning and again in the evening.  Mornings have been better, before the pleasure boat traffic picks up.

Bass fishing around the county has been very good to very tough depending on the lake.  Hammond and Tioga are fishing well.  Anglers are finding bass in the weeds and are catching them using various plastics, shallow running cranks, and some topwater.  Cowanesque has fished very hard.  Evenings have been best.  Again, anglers are finding fish in the weeds and in some of the timber.  A few anglers noted a decent frog bite on Hammond, in the no wake zone and around the shore line to the swimming area.  Of the smaller lakes, Hamilton and Beechwood are fishing best.  Hills Creek has been tougher these last few days.  Fish are holding deep in the weeds, but the frog bite has slowed.  Senkos and creatures pitched into weed pockets has worked though.  

Probably the best news this week has been the catfish!  Lots of nice ones are being caught on Hammond and Tioga.  Bullheads are biting on all of the lakes too.  A number of cats in the 30+ inch range were caught using cut bait, live shiners, night crawlers, and stink baits.  Some have been caught during the day, but again evenings and nights have been best.  Look for deep holes with access to shallow water.  Cats generally hold in deeper water during the day.  After dark, they will move in shallower to feed.  Areas like Mill Bay on Tioga Lake, or the points near the swimming area on Hammond are good places to start.  A number were caught in the spillway this week too.  Anglers found a variety of sizes, including quite a few 12-16 inchers.  Again, bullheads were biting here too.

Some nice muskies were caught again this week.  Live suckers and various crankbaits and spinnerbaits worked.  

Pine Creek is in rough shape.  It will take a week of rain to come back to normal levels.  Trout are still packed into the feeder streams and some cooler water refuges.  Yesterday's rain was enough to dampen the soil some, but not enough to have an impact on water levels.

Here's a few from this week.  Great job guys!  Don't forget to send us your pictures as well.  Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to our facebook and instagram pages

Kyle Muskie Cowanesque Lake    Tioga Lake Catfish Jeremiah