7/17/16 Hammond Lake report | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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7/17 Good action on Hammond tonight from 7 to 8:30PM Water temp was 79-81. Trolled Three D crawler harnesses and picked up some panfish, this nice bass, and lost another good fish. Trolling .8-1mph over 7-14 fow. This spicy shad color was the hot one tonight.  THe double blades put off a unique action.  We suspended this using no weight, keeping the rod angle low to keep the lure from running to high.  

7 17 16 Hammond Lake Largemouth

The storm front seemed to have the fish fired up.  There was fish busting shad all over the lake, despite heavy boat traffic.  Unfortunately, I had planned to troll and left my topwaters at home.   Sorry for the poor picture below, but here you can see some larger fish chasing down a shad school.  Always a good sign!

7 17 Hammond Lake