12/15/16 Hills Creek Lake Ice Update | Wellsboro Tackle Shack

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12/16 Hills Creek ICE UPDATE

We stopped by Hills Creek last night and found roughly 2.5 to almost 3 inches by the Pine launch just off the boat ramp. I was not fully suited up with safety gear, so I didn't dare check anywhere else. It was down to about 0 last night and as I type this it is still 3 degrees. We will continue to make ice through tomorrow morning. High of 20 degrees today. We missed the majority of the snow that was forecasted. Snow squalls yesterday layeda thin blanket on the lake, but the wind was helping push it off the ice too.

I plan to suit up and check conditions with Renee at some of the popular fishing areas after work tonight. Well, if we find better ice at the access areas anyway. If it's still well under 4 inches, I'm not going anywhere! Way too thin and unsafe for this fat guy.

What we'll likely find tonight is a mix of ice between 3 and 4 inches. If you're planning a trip from far away, I would seriously consider a backup plan, or wait it out a few more days. Especially with the weekend weather forecast. The ice sheet is likely uneven from all this wind and snow over the past few weeks. Some spots could have 4+, some much thinner.

It'll probably be between 8 and 9PM before we update here.

Be safe out there and please check conditions yourself before venturing out. A few whacks with a spud bar will save you from getting wet!  Most importantly, if you don't feel comfortable, go home and come back another day. Conditions should only get better by the new year

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