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The area’s largest selection of live bait.  Please note seasonal availabilities of some bait.

Minnows (per dozen)
-Fatheads (Crappie/Trout Minnows ~1.5″-2″)- $1.89
-Rosey Reds (~1.5-2″)-$1.99
-Medium Golden Shiners (2″-3.5″)- $3.99
-Large Golden Shiners (4″-5+″)- $6.85

SUCKERS (sizes and available vary.  please call for current availability and pricing)


Please be advised-We hold our minnows at 50-55 degrees. Please acclimate your bait before using to ensure they will survive!

-Night Crawlers 12- $2.59/ 24-$4.95
-Green Crawlers 12-$3.25
-Baby Night Crawlers 18-$2.83
-Redworms (Troutworms) 24- $3.07
-Waxworms 24-$1.69
-Mealworms 24-$1.69
-Spikes (Maggots) ~50-$1.69
-Red/Pink Spikes~50-$1.79
-Butterworms 18- $4.25

OAK LEAF GRUBS!!! (Seasonal.  Call for availability and pricing)

Bulk Bait
250 Wax- $10
250 Mealworms- $10
250 Butterworms- $45
500 Spikes- $9
500 crawlers (please call for pricing)
1 lb fatheads -$17
1 lb shiners- $18

As of 2014, it is illegal to sell crayfish for bait in PA.  Therefore, we do not, and cannot, carry them anymore.  For more details see- .  
Be sure to consult your Fishing regulation digest for more information about harvesting and using crayfish as bait.

**Live Bait is a commodity and prices are subject to change**

Please Call For other Bulk Bait Pricing! We are willing to work with you for large orders so you get the best price possible

Never Settle for inferior bait!!! We have the best and most live bait around!!